Paper Plane Game
Writer: Gauri Pranjal
Illustrator: Shivani Pednekar


Are you bored at home? Do you want to have some fun on a monotonous day? Then, this is the perfect game for you to make and play. Create this DIY paper plane game and challenge your friends! 

What you need: 

  • A4 size sheets of paper (one per person)
  • A few paper clips (optional)
  • A few rubber bands (optional)
  • A big cardboard
  • A chalk (any colour)
  • Black paint or black chart paper
  • A pair of scissors or a cardboard cutter

What to do:

  1. Fold the A4 size paper along its length. Then unfold the paper and fold the top corners into the centre fold line. Your paper should look like a hut. 
  2. Fold down the peak leaving a 1-inch gap from the bottom line. 
  3. Repeat step 2 by folding each top corner. The small triangle at the bottom can be folded up.  
  4. To make the wings of the plane, fold the paper along the middle crease. Then, fold the flaps on both sides. 
  5. Uncurl a paper clip so that you have a hook at one end. Tape the other end to the center seam of the plane. Loop a rubber band along the hook of the paper clip to launch the plane.  
  6. Now, take the cardboard and cut three circles of three different sizes—small, medium and big. Be sure to ask an adult for help. Paint the cardboard black or cover it with black chart paper. Mark 10 on the big circle, 20 on the medium one and 30 on the small one with a chalk. 

Your paper plane game is now ready. You can call your friends and challenge them to a duel.

How to play: 

Try to fly your plane through the circles of the cardboard and mark your score. The one with the highest score wins the game! 


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