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New Killer Joins Tantri’s Team?
Writer: Staff Reporter

HUJLI: There might be a new killer in town and it is neither DeadHit nor Dushtabuddhi! Sources inside Hujli Palace tell us that Tantri is sniffing out a new and deadly member to join his team and take down Hooja once and for all.

Tantri has been suffering through a series of humiliating defeats, when it comes to assassinating Raja Hooja. To make matters worse, the king’s pet cat, Laddoo, has been an irritating presence as well. Tantri has been distracted by this second, furry enemy and his meddling ways. All attempts to take down Raja Hooja have thus been affected. Needless to say, neither DeadHit nor Dushtabuddhi have had any success either. And so, Tantri is now on the lookout for a new killer to join his team and eliminate his enemies.

Who do you think this new killer could be? Some sources say that it will likely be a ferocious dog, others claim them to be a covert ninja, yet others swear it is a magical beast, a demon most likely. Who is correct? Find out in Tinkle 776 W1!

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