Ask Suppandi
Coconut trees, Anthills and Fog!
Writer: Suppandi and Rebekah S J
Illustrator: Shrutika Gorule


Rampati Yadav from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, asks, “Why are coconut trees so tall? 

Ah, I’ll tell you, Rampati. When people first lived in little houses, trees could easily see what they were doing and listen to many stories. But as the houses grew taller and farther away, the trees found it difficult to do so. They voted and the coconut trees were chosen to spy on the people and to listen to their stories. And as time went by, they grew taller and taller. Have you seen them swaying sometimes? They’re laughing out loud at something we’ve done and narrating our embarrassing situation to others.  

Tanvi Lad from Nashik, Maharashta, asks, “How do ants build their anthills? 

The same way humans do, Tanvi. They have construction companies and the latest technology. But they keep all this under wraps because they don’t want humans to build anthills and live in them. They are also super efficient. Have you seen the quality of anthills? Super, I tell you! If you look closely, you’ll find the construction workers hurrying about with little helmets on their heads. But be careful! They don’t like anyone finding out their secrets and may shoo you away (sometimes with a bite)!  


Soniya Murkar from New Delhi asks, “Why does it get foggy often in winter? 

What do you like to do when it’s cold, Soniya? Curl up in bed and be warm under your blanket? Fog is nothing but Nature’s blanket! Sometimes when it’s too cold, Nature pulls the fog over it for warmth. If you walk around, you’ll see little animals and plants and birds fast asleep. Hush! Don’t disturb them. Next time it’s cold and foggy, wrap yourself in something warm and tell Nature that you feel it too! 


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