Sunday Story
Make this Monsoon Magical!
Writer: Mrudula Mundkur
Illustrator: Vineet Nair

How time flies! We are in August already, and the month has brought us more rain, not only in India, but in other parts of the world too! The southwest monsoon in India began in June. It will last till September, before opening the doors to the northeast monsoon, which will bring rain to the east coast of the country from October to December.  As for monsoons that occur in the rest of the world, the Asian-Australian monsoon is a weather system stretching from Australia to Africa that brings the rainy season to most of Southeast Asia. The North American monsoon, on the other hand, occurs only once a year, usually affecting Central America in the middle of summer, during July and August.

A lot of us groan when it rains because it often drowns out all our fun plans. Sigh.

But since the rainy season is here to stay for a while, let’s dive into how we can make the most of the monsoon:

  1. Sip a cup of a nice hot beverage, along with a plate of crispy pakoras and your collection of Tinkles, or read hundreds of issues on the Tinkle app, while the cool wind blows outside. Throw in some soothing music and a warm blanket to make it the best rainy day ever!
  2. Run outside! You can dance in the rain, or take your cycle for a ride, as the water pours down on you (Ask your parents first, of course!). Make sure to take a nice hot shower after you are done, so you don’t catch a cold!
  3. Do you have a garden? Have the flowers bloomed happily now that it has rained? Tend to them, and enjoy as their sweet scent fills your house.
  4. Smell the air’s earthy aroma. The unique smell of the ground after it rains is also known as ‘petrichor.’ Open your window, or go to the balcony, and take a looong whiff!
  5. It’s time to shake that dust off your board games; get your snakes and ladders and your dice ready, or take out your carrom board and aim for the queen! The best part—you get to enjoy the rains outside, while also beating your family at the game, like the expert you are.
  6. It’s time for some crafting: grab some paper, fold it into a paper boat and send it on its first trip in the little pond of rainy adventures! But after you bid adieu to the boat, be sure to wash your hands.

Despite the challenges of the monsoon, it is one of the most charming seasons ever. So enjoy the rain and the beauty it brings!

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