Lil Tinkle Poets
Coping with Covid
Contributor: Tanvi Jeph

I know 2020 wasn’t the best
But the experience was different from the rest

It made us courageous
And this courage was contagious

Covid 19 strangled us all
But we broke the stereotype wall

Yet we all were hopeful
There was a time when we were mournful

We all tried out something unique
We didn’t poke in others life and didn’t peek

Everything was online
Through video calls we said please be fine

Lockdown’s experience was bitter yet sweet
Now we used Zoom or Google Meet

Everyone stayed strong
This journey was long

Someone lost their loved ones
This year was filled with twists and turns

People remained hopeful when they were on the ventilator
Everyone tried to support and cater

People with prolonged illnesses got Covid
Some showed support and some didn’t even get to see their beloved

On every face there was a mask
To wear it, that was a tedious task

2020 wasn’t a piece of cake
We all will get fine with people’s sake

2021 is a ray of hope
And everyone suffering from Covid shall cope

2020 I bid you goodbye
2021 hello, and hi

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