Lil Tinkle Writer
Digestive System
Contributor: Anvitha Gouri and Pragna Prakash

Chew in your mouth,
And then it goes south,
Into the bottom less,

Into the stomach,
Where acid in action,
Where there’s subtraction
And lot of contraction.

The Liver
Is is like a river,
Full of liquids,
Which are sticky
and very icky.

A short coiled tube,
Then the longer one,
You guessed it right,
The intestine’s quite polite.

Done with cleaning,
Waste is left,
We need to get it out,
Rectum made a theft.

At last waste is going out,
We are all happy,
No more doubt,
The stuff is out.

The worst part is coming in,
The very bad smell,
It’s all over the toilet,
And you start to yell.

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