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World-famous Detective Goes Undercover as Dog?
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Manas Bhagwat


TINKLE TOWN: It has been found that the mysterious and legendary detective, Dabbeshwar Dabban, might have been undercover on a mission recently. Dabbeshwar’s whereabouts have been completely unknown ever since his last big case, the Missing Bones Mystery.

But recently, this reporter got their hands on a piece of evidence: a photograph of the Daring Detectives, Ravi Pillai and Rahul Dias, with a strange dog. Our Daring Detectives have been known to famously operate as a duo, and a powerful and self-sufficient one at that. Then why were they seen striking their famously famous pose with an unknown dog? We pulled at this thread, and we have strong reason to believe this might be the Dabbeshwar in disguise!

This reporter questioned Ravi and Rahul on photographic evidence that came into our possession, to which they admitted that they did have a third member on their team recently. However, both claimed that this member was just a dog named Dabba, who assisted them on a high-profile case involving robotic plants. While, at first glance, the photograph would seem to confirm this simple claim, we were suspicious after taking a closer look because “Dabba” refused to sit still for the snap! This matches with the popular theory that Mr. Dabban has never allowed himself to be photographed, even in disguise! It would also make perfect sense for the Daring Detectives to involve him in such a high-stakes case as well, given Mr. Dabban’s reputation, and therefore, not be as forthcoming in their replies to questions about their new partner. We will continue our investigation on the mysterious Dabbeshwar Dabban, aka Dabba. To find out more about this enigma, read Tinkle 789 Week 3.

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