Hooja's Royal Recipes
Amla Candy


Amla/Indian gooseberry – 250 g 

Jaggery powder – 150 g 

Rock salt – 2 tsp 

Jeera/Cumin powder – 1 tsp




1. Soak the amla in hot water, cut it into thin slices, and remove the seeds.

2. Spread all the amla slices on a tray. 

3. Coat each slice with jaggery powder, cumin powder, and rock salt. 

4. Leave the tray untouched for 2 days. The amla will let out some water. 

5. Strain this water using a sieve. Do not discard the water. Use it for cooking later. 

6. Now, place the amla where you get a lot of sunlight. 

7. While you will need to sun dry it for two to three days, make sure to not dry the amla completely. There needs to be a little moisture left in it. 

8. Sprinkle some jaggery on top of your sun-dried amla pieces and store them in an airtight container. Your amla candies are ready!

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