Have You Seen Shambu! Yet?
Tinkle launches Shambu! Watch our beloved forest ranger in a brand new avatar, shooting animals as a wildlife photographer! Does his eternal luck still hold out?


Shambu shows various animals who’s the boss!

Tiger Trouble

Shambu’s in man-eater territory! Will he make it out alive?

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Shambu gets into a bit of an argument with a monkey friend! Monkey see, monkey do after all!

The Lion King

Shambu is trying to click the king of the jungle himself. But will the majestic lion play along?

Hunger Games

Shambu’s getting a really bad case of the hangries! Luckily, he spies a lush mango tree in the distance. Will Shambu satisfy his hunger pangs or will he have to just grin and ‘bear’ it?

Wildlife Photographer

Shambu’s up against another wildlife photographer who seems hellbent on making Shambu his model. Will Shambu strike a pose?

Shutter Speed

Shambu’s at the debut showing of his latest photography exhibit! Just how does Shambu manage to click such amazing pictures?

Wild Wild West

Shambu’s fantasising about being a cowboy herding cattle and riding horses in the wild, wild west. But his fun is about to be cut short!

Slow And Steady

Shambu’s patience is tested as he finds the easiest animal to click in the wild — the tortoise! The problem is the tortoise doesn’t do anything, so it’s not much of a subject. Or is it?

The Beauty and The Beast

Shambu learns an important lesson about consent, especially when clicking someone’s photographs! Spoiler alert: This one doesn’t end well!

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