Tinkle Tells You Why...
…Hair turns grey and more!
Writer: Rebekah S J
Illustrator: Shivani Pednekar



…Hair turns grey 

A person’s hair colour is based on the melanin in their body. If a follicle grows a brown-coloured strand of hair, then that strand will always remain brown. Hair strands don’t change colour once they grow unless they are coloured. Think of your hair follicles as a bottle of paint (the paint being the colour your melanin has produced). As you keep using the paint, the bottle starts emptying. Similarly, once a strand finishes its cycle and falls off, a new strand usually begins to grow in its place. As you age, the follicles produce lesser colour, hence turning hair into grey or white. How fast your hair turns grey also depends on characteristics that have been passed from your parents to you. Sometimes, illnesses and conditions where melanin is lost cause grey hair at a younger age. 


…Ears produce wax 

As icky as you think earwax seems, it is very important! It is produced inside the ear to protect it from germs and keep it clean. In its journey from inside the ear canal to outside, it pulls along with it dead skin cells, germs and dirt. No earwax would make for itchy and uncomfortable ears. Earwax usually comes out of the ear naturally without pain. There is no need to remove the wax. Poking an earbud into your ear might push this earwax further into the ear canal and might even injure you. If you have a blocked ear, visit a doctor! 


…We burp 

Burp is nothing but gas! (Except if you’re a dragon, then there might be a little fire)! When you eat food or drink something, you also swallow air inside. Now, air contains various gases. The stomach doesn’t need all of them. So it pushes all the extra gas out which comes straight up your oesophagus or food pipe and out of your mouth. You’ll notice that you burp more when you’ve had a fizzy drink. It’s because of all the extra gas in the drink! 

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