Guest Comic
Gustoso – Chapter 4
Writer: Sanid Asif Ali

In Chapter 3, Beardo grabbed the biscuits but fell out of the balcony, much to Skinny’s horror!


“I have been in love with comics ever since I discovered my cousin Baijukka’s treasured Tintin collection. And since then I have been constantly surprised by the sheer variety of stories this medium is able to tell. This book which you are holding is nothing but an attempt by a fan of comics, to tell a story which he wants to read.

I am a self-taught artist, hailing from Kochi, and without the support of my Umma, Uppa and my elder sister Sanju, I wouldn’t have drawn at all.

There are many more to thank, my sweet nieces Aysha & Fathima, my brother-in-law Shafik, my extended family and all my friends who have constantly encouraged and supported me.

But this particular book wouldn’t be in your hands if it wasn’t for three people: Tony of @comiccollectivecochin, who gave me the initial push to make this comic for IndieComixFest, 2019; Pratheek of @kokaachi, who mentored and guided me while I was creating this comic; and finally, my wife, Remy, who held the fort while I was working on this story, and during the frantic final lap, helped with the colouring and layout of the pages.

This book is for my three daughters ~ Amina, Haleema and Khadeeja. You are the light of my life.”

– Sanid / @sanidasifali

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