Ask Suppandi
Flowers, Elevators, and Sun
Writer: Sanjitha Mohanakrishnan and Suppandi
Illustrator: Manas Bhagwat


Why are flowers so colourful?  

In prehistoric times, before humans existed, animals and plants were at war. They were showing each other their best features and the animals were winning because they were vibrant. The flowers were a little bland. And soon, the animals started making fun of the flowers for not being as exciting. The flowers got very angry, and all their emotions burst out in the form of colours! The flowers decided to hold on to those colours even though they soon calmed down. Somewhere along the way, animals and plants got tired of fighting and that’s why you don’t hear about any war taking place between them. 

Why don’t elevators go sideways?  

Once upon a time, there was a plan for elevators to go sideways. What you’re going to read next, came to a powerful old lady in her dream. She was shopping near her house when an elevator almost bumped into her! When she woke up, she said that this plan would never go through and elevators should never bump into people. She called all the elevators and shouted at them. She threatened to curse them! All the elevators were so scared of her that even today they shudder at the thought of going sideways.  

Why does the Sun have such high temperatures?  

The Sun used to be a cool, calm and composed star with a medium to cool temperature. In fact, it was a role model for the other stars! However, one day, another star called Alpha B got into a huge fight with the Sun. All the stars in the Milky Way had to pick sides. This fight really worried the Sun and raised its temperature. After the fight got over, it tried to cool down but it couldn’t. While the Sun had to live with its super high temperatures, it helped life on Earth flourish! 

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