Tinkle Headlines
The Latest Band in Town!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Sahil Upalekar & Shivani Pednekar


TINKLE TOWN: This fresh news is sure to excite any music lover! There’s an exciting new band in town called, The Hal4. And guess who the band members are? The Halbe sisters!

The girls were seen practicing and belting out some new tunes. The youngest of the lot, Mo, had this to tell us. “Fluffy Cat, Rising Cookie is my favourite song. I wrote the lyrics all by myself!” she exclaimed. This reporter, unfortunately, couldn’t catch them singing and had to rest content with the comments of passersby. However, two boys who wished to be unnamed shared their suspicions about the band. “Their hit song is about cats and if you hear them sing, you’ll think cats are yowling.” The other boy who was wearing a hat said that they suspect the girls are under the control of alien cats. This reporter was unsure of what to believe and decided to leave.

Are the Halbe sisters really under the control of galactic felines? Will they be holding a concert soon? Find out in Tinkle 796 Week 2!

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