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Writer: Ritu Mahimkar

Does the title of this book make you want to scratch your head and wonder what in the world is ‘blubber’? The dictionary defines it as the fatty layer under the skin of a whale. So then is this book about fishing? Not at all! This is the story of you, me and everyone who has ever been to school!

Blubber is about 10-year-old Jill whose only aim in life is to fit in! How difficult can that be? To Jill, it is nearly impossible. You see, Jill’s fifth grade classroom is no less than a war zone. No one is safe from name-calling and anyone can become the target of the class bully, Wendy. Yikes! To stay safe, Jill’s only solution is to stay in Wendy’s good books.

Wendy loves to poke fun at everyone, and anyone who crosses her is in HUGE trouble. If the school is a circus then Wendy is its ringmaster. Wendy’s latest target is Linda—a plump little girl who Wendy starts teasing with the name ‘Blubber’.

Jill takes as much part as Wendy in teasing Linda and rather enjoys it. But what goes around comes around! What will happen when the bully becomes the bullied? You must read the book to find out.

Some of the scenes in the book will definitely feel like they have been taken from your very own life! It is fantastic to see how Judy Blume has managed to capture the daily life of a school-goer with great accuracy.

Apart from being relatable and utterly honest, Blubber is also hilarious. The book is filled with tiny instances which will tickle your funny bone and make you laugh out loud. One of the instances is when Jill paints her brand new boots pure gold, only so she can win the fancy dress contest and obviously, she loses!

Blubber is a book meant for all ages and you know what? You could ask your parents to read it too; because after reading this book even they can’t say that growing up is child’s play!

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