Be Internet Awesome
Volume 5: When In Doubt, Talk It Out
Writer: Tushar Abhichandani
Illustrator: Abhijeet Kini

The final chapter in the Be Internet Awesome Series from Google and Tinkle deals with the importance of communication. As children, the most important thing to keep in mind when browsing the internet is that if you come across anything suspicious or questionable, you should immediately reach out to a trusted adult. This could be your parents, your teacher, your elder siblings; as long as it is someone you are 100 per cent comfortable talking to. Parents and guardians should likewise encourage children to be vocal about their digital experiences and create an environment that fosters sharing. When Mina uploads a photo of Ina to social media without her consent, pandemonium ensues. See how Mina and the girls fix the situation with the help of Jaggu and Bina!

Read it in Hindi as well!

Google EP05 BIA – When in Doubt, Talk it Out – HINDI

Now that you have read the entire story, watch it come alive in this fun, animated video.

Now watch it in Hindi as well!

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