Be Internet Awesome
Volume 2: Share With Care
Writer: Tushar Abhichandani
Illustrator: Sahil Upalekar

Check out the second installment in Google’s Be Internet Awesome comic series with Tinkle, where you will find out why it is always important to cross-verify and double-check things you read online. Our second story follows Ina, Mina, Mynah and Mo, as they experiment with some crazy hacks they come across online to make Mina a better runner! The internet has a lot of good to offer, but it can be dangerous as well, just as our favourite set of sisters are about to find out!


Now read it in Hindi as well!
Google BIA Volume 2 – Share With Care – HINDI

Now that you have read the entire story, watch it come alive in this fun, animated video.

Now watch it in Hindi as well!

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