Tinkle Story Creation Workshop
Baily & Daily
Writer: Samrat Rao Kunjur

One day, two friends, Baily and Daily, were playing with a ball. They were very strong, so when they threw the ball, it broke with a loud ‘BASH!’

Their friend Dog came to them and said, “Let us go to the toy store and buy a new ball!”

Baily and Daily jumped on Dog and they set out to the toy shop. When they reached there, there were so many toys! Around 99,000!

“Uh oh, seems like finding a ball is not going to be easy,” Baily said.

He jumped to the top of the shelves but accidentally broke them all. The shelf came down with a loud crash! “It is raining toys!” Baily and Daily jumped and tried to find a ball, but it was difficult.

“Look! There is a toy train!” Daily said. Baily and Daily sat on the train and began searching for the ball. Five minutes later, they still couldn’t find a ball.

Suddenly, Daily saw the ball and jumped to get it. He caught the ball but started falling.  “Aahhhh!” he shouted. Baily saw his friend in danger and called Dog. They rescued Daily but lost the ball to Tiger. “Oops!” Daily exclaimed.

“Give us the ball, Tiger.” Baily said.

“No. It is mine!” Tiger replied.

Baily and Daily charged at Tiger, but he pushed them away.

“I will distract him, you take the ball,” Daily told Baily. They were successful, but Tiger was sad.

“We can share the ball,” Baily told him.

Tiger smiled. “Okay!” he said.

And so, Baily, Daily, and Tiger played with the ball happily!

This story was written as part of the Tinkle Story Creation Workshop. You can also learn to write stories with the help of the Tinkle team, among other fun workshops we conduct. Click here to sign up for one of our workshops today!

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