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Crabs, Light and Spiders
Have you always had a burning question that no one could answer? Well, don’t fear because I, Suppandi, am here. I give you my guarantee, I’ll listen to your questions and answer them with 100 per cent honesty!

Crabs don't have eyebrows for two reasons. 1. When they tried trimming each other's eyebrows, it looked like they were fighting so they got rid of eyebrows entirely. 2. Eyebrows made crabs look angry so they shaved them off  permanently.

Light is white in colour because when it washed its colourful clothes in the washing machine, the machine stripped all its clothes of colour. Light liked the white colour and decided to stay that way.

Spiders don't get stuck in their own web because they spin socks for themselves! They learned this secret from humans. But that's not all. Spiders are watching humans at all times to learn more useful secrets.

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