You Be The Detective
Beach Burglar
Writer: Aparna Sundaresan
Illustrator: Vineet Nair & Shivani Pednekar


Bhuvesh lifted the shutters of his beach shack. It was only seven in the morning, but he had opened his shop early to finish some pending accounting work. As soon as he sat down, his cell phone started ringing. “Hello?” he said. There was static on the other end of the line and Bhuvesh remembered that the signal at the beach was weak. “Hang on! I’m going to the car park where the signal is stronger,” he told his  caller as he rushed out of the shack. When he returned, five minutes later, he was in for a shock. The cash register was empty. He had been robbed!

As soon as Inspector Flora arrived on the scene, Bhuvesh recounted everything that had happened that morning. After listening to his  account, she rounded up the only other people who were at the beach at the time of the robbery.

After taking down the statements of all three suspects, Inspector Flora knew whom she needed to arrest.

Who committed the robbery and how did she figure it out? 

Ridhan robbed the beach shack. He says he went to the shack and returned, but there is only one set of prints on the sand, going all the way up to the shack, and none going back.

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