Tinkle Tells You Why...
…Why Boredom is Good and More!
Writer: Linta Mary Philip
Illustrator: Shrutika Gorule

Boredom is good 

No one likes being bored. It’s mind numbing. But what do you do when you feel bored? You want to make it go away. And that will make you try new activities or new ways of using old things. You might invent a new game with your old toys. You might run around the house in a frenzy to literally outrun your boredom, and realize you are getting better at jumping over furniture! That might encourage you to try out for the hurdle race at school. What we’re trying to say is, bored people are likely to try their hands at new things. This leads to new discoveries and innovations. Did you know that boredom increased humankind’s odds of survival. This is because in the early days, bored people tended to make discoveries that helped humans with their rate of survival. Hence, boredom is a trait that has been aided by natural selection, the process where organisms that have features suited to their environment have a higher rate of survival So, the next time you feel bored, let your mind wander. You might come up with humankind’s next big innovation.  

Bananas go brown and ripen other fruits  

Have you ever wondered why bananas become brown as they ripen? This is because of an enzyme* called polyphenol oxidase (PPO) that is present in them. This enzyme reacts with other chemicals present in the banana using oxygen in the air to form brown pigments. Bananas release a gas called ethene that speeds up the ripening process of other fruits. Ethene breaks down cell walls, converts starches to sugars and reduces the acid content. When ripe bananas are stored in a bag with other fruits, the trapped ethene speeds up the ripening process.  

*chemical that causes reactions 

Cats knead 

Have you come across cats kneading pillows or for that matter any soft surface including their human caregiver? This is an instinctive behaviour that they develop as kittens. They knead their mother’s mammary glands while feeding. This behaviour persists even after they have become adults. Experts suggest that cats might knead people to show affection. Kneading is an indication that they feel happy and safe. Sometimes they drool while doing this, indicating that they are super happy! 

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