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Thrifting 101
Writer: Sana Fathima

Recently, thrifting has taken over the world by a storm! It is basically shopping for pre-owned items that are still in usable condition. Thrifting not only promotes being eco-friendly by reducing waste that is non-biodegradable, but also helps you discover gems that you wouldn’t find otherwise. The world of thrifting may seem daunting or overwhelming for some of you. But fret not! This guide is sure to help you get started.

  1. Do not limit yourself to thrifting only clothes. Things like shoes, bags, books, gadgets, and toys are a few examples to an endless list of items that can be thrifted.
  2. Make sure the item you are thrifting is something you will surely use. For example, you see a blue shirt and want to buy it. Think of at least three different ways to use it. Buy clothing pieces you can pair with at least three or four looks rather than something you will use only for a specific outfit! If you’re buying something you’re not going to get much use of, it defeats the purpose of thrifting.
  3. If you do not find thrift stores near you, you can definitely find many online. Ask a responsible adult in your life to help you find reliable and verified thrift stores.
  4. Is there a particular item you don’t use any more? Many thrift stores accept items from customers! A few popular e-commerce websites also entertain thrifitng.
  5. It’s possible that a few items might have a tiny defect or stain. Do not feel defeated! Upcycling thrifted items is always a fun project idea! How about painting a thrifted vase, clock, or mirror?

If you cannot thrift, worry not! The purpose of thrifting is to reduce waste and encourage sustainability. With dumpsters filled with non-biodegradable waste, the environment is getting polluted by waste that cannot be easily decomposed. I strongly encourage you to donate things you don’t use anymore and think twice before buying something. Small steps like this also count in making a cleaner, sustainable and green environment.

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