The Witch’s Challenge – Chapter 7

Strong Kauli is rather impressed with your knowledge of healthy and nutritive foods. As promised, he hands over the artefact you seek—a small spool of fine golden thread. You turn to leave but Strong Kauli stops you.

“Don’t you want the clue to find the next artefact?” he asks.  

Oh yes! You had almost forgotten.  

He gestures for you to come closer. He leans in and whispers the clue into your ears.  

“This clue must only be whispered,” he says afterwards. “And be careful,” he adds as an afterthought. “The witch is a tricky old woman. She isn’t everything she seems to be.”  

You exit the enclosure. What did Strong Kauli mean by that? The witch wasn’t everything she seemed to be? And that clue he whispered… It went like this… 

“Go find the girl 

From a different world. 

On her shoulders 

Are birds a-twitter. 

In her bag that smoulders 

Is a button of glitter.”

You replay the words in your head and you know that you must collect a very precious button. You walk around the carnival, wondering where you might find this girl with the button. You think she might be in any one of these places: 

Where do you go?

A bakery

An observatory

An aviary

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