Tinkle Headlines
Monster On the Loose!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Savio Mascarenhas and Shivani Pednekar


TINKLE TOWN: A massive feline monster is running loose all over town! The furry, four-legged creature has been cited by numerous eyewitnesses as the culprit behind various mishaps. 

“My fence was broken!” said one resident. “My flower beds were trampled on!” complained another. “My shopping bag was ripped up!” chimed in a third. And what was the one consistent detail that showed up in all stories? A bushy tail was seen whipping around the corner soon after these disasters struck. “It’s clear a massive monster is running around unchecked,” said an angry bystander. “I’ve heard it purring and meowing but don’t be fooled by its seemingly non-threatening calls. It’s a menace!” But the more shocking development is this piece of information, unearthed exclusively by this reporter. “I know where that monster came from,” said a witness who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. “Shikari Shambu let it out of his house! He’s behind all this chaos!” 

Could it be that Shambu’s animal conservationist image is all a ruse? Has he been releasing animals all this while to give himself jobs? Have we been fooled all these years? We get to the bottom of this conspiracy in ‘Shikari Shambu: Uncle Shambu!’ in Tinkle 791 W4.

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