The Witch’s Challenge – Chapter 6


Strong Kauli nods his head knowingly. He knows exactly what you’re talking about. “So you’re trying to complete the Witch’s Challenge, I see,” he says. “I can give you the artefact you want, but first you must prove to me that you are worthy of it.”  

He poses you a riddle you’ve never heard before. Appearing ominous, he asks, “Beets are my family members. I am full of vitamins and minerals. Your heart is bound to love me. I vow to make you as strong as “iron”. Looking for potassium in your food? Come find me. What am I?” 

Correct! Take a spinach snack break and then click here to proceed with the witch’s challenge.

Alas, that is not the answer. Try again to proceed with the witch’s challenge!

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