Tinkle Fan Report 2022
2022’s Final Report & Winners!
You helped Tinkle make its Fan Report and save it yet again from the Intergalactic Story Council! Check out the report's highlights.

The top three covers of 2022 are:

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Click here to read Tinkle 795 Week 3!


The top three Toon stories of 2022 are:

Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Lights! Camera! Chaos! (Tinkle 785)

Tantri the Mantri: Mirror Mirror! (Chapter 5: The Siege of Sujli) (Tinkle 788) 

Defective Detectives: Dabba on Duty (Tinkle 789)


The top three non-Toon stories of 2022 are:

Mystery of the Missing Radio (Tinkle 785)

The Misfits Club (Tinkle 794)

Who Scares Wins (Tinkle 785 Week 4)


The top three Tinkle Explains stories of 2022 are: 

The Real-life Sherlock Holmes (Tinkle 791)

What is AI? (Tinkle 795)

Journey to the Moon (Tinkle 793)


The top five features of 2022 are:


And finally, the Toons who have been elected to the Tinkle Council, in order of preference, are:

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And read more Ina Mina Mynah Mo here! 


Now, for the most-awaited reveal—the winners of the Tinkle Fan Report contest! 

1st prize
Dipali Patne, Pune, Maharashtra 

2nd prize
Dhanay Sachin, Bengaluru
Shamit Tarak Parekh, Mumbai 

3rd prize
Aarya Bhatt, Vadodara, Gujarat
Ridhaan Hyder Mullapudi, Bengaluru
Vikavi K. Chishi, Dimapur, Nagaland 

Special prize
Shivansh, Hyderabad
Sara Maria Justin, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Aadya Varma, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Aanya Pant, Mumbai
Lavanya Chugh, Surat, Gujarat
Arjun Puralkar, Mumbai
Akshada Ganesh Pawar, Pune, Maharashtra
Kevin John Benet, Chennai
Adrisha Saha, New Delhi
Rachel Robin Jacob, Bengaluru
Harsha Vardhan, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Dhivyapriya, Puducherry
Parth Shah, Thane, Maharashtra
B.S.S. Srikar, Hyderabad
Senthuraan, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 

Congratulations! Someone from the Tinkle team will get in touch with you soon. 

A huge round of applause for the Toons, the winners, and most of all, for YOU—the best fans in the world! If your favourites haven’t made it to the top, don’t fret! You can still give them all your love every month via your feedback for Tinkle’s issues. 


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