Laugh Out Loud
Ten Toon Jokes!
Writer: Devika Soni


Why did Shambu fall in the well?

Since his hat covered his eyes, he couldn’t see that well. 


One day Mynah spotted 97 cows in a field.

When she rounded them up, she had 100! 


What was Hoki’s favourite study topic in school?



What would Dushtabuddhi call two bananas?

A pair of slippers. 


Why did Suppandi buy spectacles for his phone?

Because it lost his contacts. 


Where can Jaggu always find money?

In the dictionary. 


What would happen if Ravi and Rahul stole a calendar?

Each of them would get six months. 


Why did Inspector Inspector put a picture in prison?

It was framed. 


What does Raja Hooja call the horses that live in his stable?

His neighbours. 


What is as big as Doob Doob but weighs nothing?

His shadow.

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