Laugh Out Loud
10 Hill-arious Mountain Jokes
Writer: Shreya Ghosh
Illustrator: Shivani Pednekar


Q: Why did the mountain decide to follow its dreams? 

A: It wanted to a-mount to something! 


Q: How do mountains stay protected from the cold? 

A: By using snow-caps! 


Q: Why was the mountain unable to call her friend? 

A: She was outside of her range! 


Q: While fighting, what do mountaineers say to each other? 

A: “Take a hike!” 


Q: How do the world’s tallest mountains greet each other? 

A: “High there, friend!” 


Q: What happened when the mountain found a new hobby? 

A: Its interest was peaked! 


Q: Why do mountains always give short speeches? 

A: They like to summit up! 


Q: What did the tired mountain’s friend ask her? 

A: “Oh my! Do you Ever-est?” 


Q: Why did the mountain have a great day? 

A: Because it decided to have a positive altitude! 


Q: What game do the smallest mountains enjoy a lot? 

A: Peak-a-boo! 

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