Tinkle Headlines
Suppandi Owns New Restaurant?
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Manas Bhagwat


TINKLE TOWN: In a reversal of fortunes, Suppandi may have gone from being an eternal employee to a responsible employer! Yes, the Tinkle Toon known for being fired from every job may never be fired again. Word on the street is that Suppandi has bought his own restaurant and is looking to hire employees.

Suppandi’s well-wishers have greeted this news with much enthusiasm. Says Maddy, Suppandi’s longtime flatmate and financial supporter, “I am so happy for Suppandi! This is a big step for him. Now he can afford to pay his rent and bills on time, like every other adult.” Says Frooty, a friend of Suppandi’s, “I am beyond thrilled! I can’t wait for Suppandi to show me around his new restaurant and treat me to a delicious meal.” On the other hand, Suppandi’s former bosses have expressed suspicion. “Are you sure Suppandi owns a restaurant now?” says one. “He seems completely incapable of doing so.” Another adds, “I believe you are mistaken. Suppandi has been hired by a restaurant because I know the head chef there. Suppandi doesn’t own the place!”

However, negative comments cannot put Suppandi down. He says, “Of course I am an owner! I always own my mistakes, even if they are extremely rare.” In true Suppandi fashion, he is enthusiastic and cheerful and will certainly prove his former bosses wrong! Check out this new chapter in his life in Tinkle 790 Week 1.

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