Sunday Story
Weird Museums Around the World
Writer: Devika Soni
Illustrator: Narendra Pardhi

The Museum of Bad Art

When Raja Hooja was in Massachusetts, USA, he visited this museum with his best friend, Tantri. As the name suggests, it displays bad art! They have about 800 really bad artworks on display. Tantri even submitted some of Hooja’s drawings for display (as a joke, of course. Tantri’s such a funny guy!)!

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

According to Dushtabudhhi, Tantri would love this particular museum in New Delhi because toilets are thrones, after all. This museum is dedicated to the history of toilets, going back to 2500 BCE! And it has so many different toilets on display, right from gold-plated toilets of Roman emperors to ancient toilets from Jerusalem and Crete. Let’s hope Tantri doesn’t find out what Dushtabuddhi has said about him.

The International Spy Museum

Agents Car Wash and Candy Wrapper (aka Ravi and Rahul) have actually tried camping inside this museum in Washington DC, USA! After all, this museum is the perfect place for the Defective Detectives. Here, they found the largest collection of items used by spies throughout history. That means mini cameras, fake money, hidden weapons and whatnot!


KattenKabinet in Amsterdam, Netherlands is filled with paintings, sculptures and other artworks of famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt, among many others. And they all feature cats! 

Sudha Cars Museum

WingStar loves the bizarre collection of cars they have at the museum in Hyderabad. Cars shaped like a purse, a burger, a sofa set and even a helmet! 

Cancun Underwater Museum

Shikari Shambu was in Cancún, Mexico when he discovered this beautiful place. This museum has about 500 sculptures deep inside the ocean. There are various sculptures of human beings going about their daily activities. This museum was created to help promote coral life.

The Vent Haven Museum (Of Dummies!)

This museum in Kentucky, USA,  is dedicated to ventriloquism, or the art of speaking without moving your lips, so it looks like your voice is coming from a toy or a puppet. Apart from collecting objects related to ventriloquism, such as photos, scripts and show posters, this museum has over 900 dummies used by ventriloquists from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries!

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