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Cousin Vidya and Niketa Mohan’s Pinwheel Sandwiches


My cousin Vidya has been making amazing pinwheel sandwiches for birthday parties for many years now. She says they are a party sensation! The mission behind every party snack was to make sure it was always colourful, animated and disguised so that you could sneak in a few veggies with zero suspicion. The idea of the pinwheel sandwich is that you alternate the layers so that when you cut it, you can see all of them; also adding sweet, a little bit of spice, and tang, all in one bite. 

Picture credit: enthucutlet


**Adult Supervision Required**


3 bread slices per sandwich 


Mustard sauce (optional) 


For the strawberry cream:

1 cup heavy cream 

¾ cup diced strawberries 

2 tbsp of sugar 


For the green chutney:

1 cup mint leaves  

1 cup fresh coriander leaves 

1 tsp roasted cumin powder 

2 green chillies (depending on spice level) 


Lemon juice (optional) 



For the strawberry cream:

Whip the cream until it becomes semi-stiff and can be spread. Keep it aside. 

Ask a helpful adult to blitz the strawberries and sugar until you get a smooth puree. Don’t make it chunky or else the sandwich may tear. 

Fold in the puree into the cream. 


For the green chutney:

Ask a helpful adult to grind all ingredients, and season.  

You can also squeeze a little bit of lemon juice if you like. 


To assemble pinwheel sandwiches:

  1. Cut the edges off six slices of bread. 
  2. Roll each slice with a rolling pin until flat. 
  3. Start with laying out three slices. 
  4. Spread the strawberry cream cheese over the first slice. 
  5. On the middle slice you can spread some butter and a dash of mustard. 
  6. On the last slice, spread green chutney. 
  7. Once done, place over each other, face down and gently roll the sandwich. Once it comes together, press the edges!
  8. Cut into triangles and enjoy! 

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