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Sister Act
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Archana Amberkar

TINKLE TOWN: This just in! Fashion Fanatics, a top fashion reality show, has found a new talent for its seventh season. As always, everyone wants to know which lucky individual has gotten the chance to star in this sensational show.

We have some exciting news on that end. Sources have revealed that this person could actually be one of the sisters from the Halbe household. Jagannath and Bina Halbe live with their four daughters, and yes, one of these four could be the person we are looking for! Now a crucial question arises: which sister is the lucky sister?

“We request you to wait until the new season is aired. We can promise one thing right now—it is going to be hilarious!” This is all we could get from one of the crew members on the show. As we all know, Fashion Fanatics is a prime platform for influencers. And as per the information we have gathered, every Halbe sister has her own way of influencing people. Could it be Ina, with her obvious penchant for all things fashionable? Or is it Mina, with her versatile capabilities? It could also be Mynah, with her activism and passion for knowledge, or Mo, with her culinary talents and infectious energy. Chances are, they might even be competing against each other to bag the gig! In such a situation, how are we to find out the lucky participant? Is all the hype going to be worth it?

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