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Red-Crowned Crane
Shambu recently came across a red-crowned crane on his adventures in Japan. Read more about the bird here!

  • The red-crowned crane gets its name from the patch of red skin on its head.
  • They have calls and dances to play together and also to warn the other cranes if they want to stay alone.
  • During the day, the cranes go out to explore their surroundings, either in pairs or groups and at night they all come together to rest.
  • They live in the wetlands where there is a lot of open space for them to go fishing.
  • They are often found in cold places such as Russia, but they prefer a mild climate. They are also found in the warm regions of southeast Asia.
  • These cranes are one of the largest in the world. They grow upto 1.5 meters tall, which is the same height as most horses.
  • The crane has a wingspan of about 2 meters (that is almost 8 feet) which is taller than average adults and it weighs between 7 and 15 kg.
  • The red-crowned crane is the second-rarest crane in the world after the whooping crane found in North America.

Click play to hear what they sound like:

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