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Shambu Under Self-imposed House Arrest?
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Savio Mascarenhas


TINKLE TOWN: This shocking news of Tinkle Town’s most popular conservationist comes from our special correspondent. Shambu has decided to never venture out of his house, going so far as to locking himself up inside his bedroom, keeping even his beloved wife, Shanti, out!

The reason behind this decision is not known. However, it is speculated that Shambu could be attempting a complete and top secret makeover. Our correspondent says there were strange sounds and shrieks coming from the room. When she bravely ventured to ask Shambu a few questions from outside, all she could get in answer was, “RAAAAT!” Our correspondent has decided never to go to the Shambu household after being name-called this way. According to an unnamed witness, Shambu was also seen balancing himself on the arms of a chair.

Is Shambu planning to turn into a gymnast or is this part of his secret makeover? Why is he locked up in his room? Is there more to the picture than we know of? Find out all the answers in Tinkle 788 Week 2.

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