Tinkle Headlines
Shambu Caught Partying in the Wild?!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Savio Mascarenhas

BIG BAAN: It’s true! The nation’s ex-number one conservationist was spotted partying in the forest! When asked why he was partying there, he replied, “Ooo! Party! Food!” And that’s all our special correspondent could get out of him.

According to our correspondent, Shambu seemed to be very secretive. He was seen whipping out random dance moves without any music playing. He was also heard yelling, “Chapati!” and “Chilli!” And then to our correspondent’s amazement, Shambu put out his tongue and jiggled up and down. He then chased our correspondent, asking for the location of the buffet. Which is why this news piece is short: our correspondent had to run for her life.

Has Shambu lost his marbles? Or is he deep undercover on a particularly wild case? Is that why he chased us out of the forest? Find out in Tinkle 786 W2!

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