Happy Women's Day!
Seven Amazing Women in the Tinkleverse
Here’s a look at seven amazing women in the Tinkle universe, from homemakers to chefs, superheroes to antiheroes, who are all fantastic in all that they do!

Read The Witch in Tinkle 683 to know more about the mysterious NOIS headmistress!

Want to know more about Bina? Read ‘Stalled’ in Tinkle 722!

Take a look at where it all started. Read DeadHit’s very first story in Tinkle 698!

Here’s a quick glimpse at Frooty (who is also Suppandi’s love interest. Shh!)

Watch Khyati in action in WingStar: Dangers Unseen.

Here’s a story of Shanti showing who the boss is!

Get a glimpse of Ustad Sti’s mean skills in Tinkle 708!

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