Writer: Sana Fathima

Vivo is a fun, vibrant and gripping adventure about a musically talented kinkajou, or honey bear, named Vivo. Fun fact; honey bears belong to the same family as raccoons!

All his life, Vivo has been accompanying his owner, Andrés, in all of his musical endeavors. Everything was going pitch-perfect, until Andrés receives a letter from his ex-partner in music and the woman he secretly loved—Marta. Marta requests Andrés to perform with her one last time before she retires, to relive their days of glory. A nostalgic Andrés becomes reminiscent of his younger days, when he was madly in love with Marta. However, he never had the courage to tell her how he felt then. Instead, he pours his feelings into a heart-felt song for the love of his life, but never sent it across to Marta. Unfortunately, Andrés passes away, leaving a determined Vivo with the mission to deliver the song to Marta, an homage to his late master. Vivo embarks on an epic journey from Havana in Cuba, Central America, all the way to Miami in Florida, USA! Vivo is accompanied by Gabi, a spirited young girl who promises to help Vivo finish his mission. With many obstacles hindering their journey, will Vivo and Gabi make it to their destination? Will Marta finally find out about Andrés’ feelings for her?

Music plays a huge part in this movie. With 25 brilliant songs, from Andrés and Vivo’s joyful duet, to the heartfelt song Andrés has written for Marta, there is a song for every mood. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who voiced Vivo, wrote 11 songs for the movie! Apart from the music, the graphics and animation add a lot to the picturesque locations. From cobblestone buildings in Havana to a bizarre ride through dense tropical jungles, with the beautiful city of Miami as the final destination, this movie is an artistic masterpiece!

Vivo’s journey will keep you glued to the edge of your seat, incorporating the perfect amount of sentiment and thrill. Gabi’s eccentricity, Andrés’ warmth and sensitivity, and Vivo’s determination are all truly inspiring and will leave you in awe. This rollercoaster of a movie is sure to bring a lot of smiles (and tears!) to the viewer, no matter what age they are.

Vivo is streaming on Netflix as of 16 October 2021.

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