Origins – Assorted Pack of 3


Experience the original artwork of Tinkle comics, when everything was done on paper. Travel to the Big Baan forest with the clever crow Kalia , as he goes about rescuing hapless animals. Learn the tricks of the witty Nasruddin Hodja. Traverse through the fascinating world of animals as you learn about the tiger, the ostrich, the mosquito, and other flora and fauna. Trace the discovery of bridges, glass and ships. See how everybody’s favourite Tinkle character, Suppandi, made his debut in Tinkle. Be amused by the silent adventures of Mooshik the mouse. Laugh out loud at funny stories handpicked by Uncle Pai himself. Packed to the brim with entertainers, eye-openers, brain-teasers and rib-ticklers, Tinkle is the perfect blend of learning and fun.

Welcome back to a world of wonder, laughter, and learning that made your childhood so much fun. Welcome back to the world of Tinkle.”


“What’s life if not revisiting old memories and cherishing them? The taste of the first ice-cream during your summer holidays, the excitement of playing with your friends and of course, the happiness you would feel when a brand new Tinkle would arrive in the mail! Take a trip down memory lane with Tinkle’s classic characters and stories. It’s the perfect way to introduce your child to the magical world of Tinkle, replete with fun facts, wacky adventures, hilarious characters, and so much more! These books contain the first ever stories of Tinkle, pulled from Tinkle #1 to TInkle #34, spanning Tinkle’s first three years in print!


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