Tinkle Gold – Collector’s Edition #2


It is 2020 and Tinkle has just hit a milestone—turning 40! And what an eventful 40 years it has been. With Tinkle moving to the digital medium this year, 2020 has been marked by more ambitious plots, larger-than-life antagonists, and unexpected outcomes for the Tinkle Toons. And now, for the first time, the best of what Tinkle has offered digitally in 2020 is available in print. Leaf through this collector’s edition to relive the challenges and triumphs of the Tinkle Toons in their most memorable year. Follow Tantri’s exploits as he resorts to magic to be rid of Raja Hooja. Read with wide-eyed disbelief as the Defective Detectives take their case-solving up by several notches with their spy gadgets. Watch the nail-biting turn of events in WingStar’s life when a new threat emerges. Ride along with the YogYodhas in their edge-of-the-seat thrilling adventures. And of course, laugh at Suppandi’s mishaps as he pops up every now and then, along with Shambu, Ina Mina Mynah Mo, the SuperWeirdos and the kids from NOIS. All these and more are waiting for you inside.

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The second edition of the super bumper Tinkle Gold is here! Say goodbye to boring days and get ready for a fun ride with your favourite Tinkle Toons!

Join the Tinkle Toons in some of their best adventures in 2021. Follow Shambu as he travels the world and meets amazing animals and bravely (cough cough) fights off poachers. Feel your jaw drop as the infamous Defective Detectives take on new villains and solve unimaginable mysteries. Read with bated breath as the Starlition tackle sinister threats and find themselves in grave danger. Gasp in shock at a new, different, and unimaginable Tantri! Laugh out loud at Suppandi’s evergreen logical powers. Joining this ride are Ina Mina Mynah Mo, the students from NOIS, the super SuperWeirdos and the YogYodhas.

All this and more waiting for you inside!


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