Best Of Tinkle Digest Assorted Pack of 10


Are you a Tinkle fan? An avid reader of Tinkle Digest? Familiar with our most popular Tinkle Toons, and eager to follow them on their adventures?
Or are you new to the Tinkle world? Are you perhaps trying to introduce someone else to the magic of Tinkle?
What if we told you that we have the perfect collection to offer, regardless of which of these applies to you?
Yes, it’s true! The Best of Tinkle Digest is an assorted pack of 10 Tinkle Digest issues that gives you the best of our digests in one collection.

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Whether you want to catch up with our hilarious, beloved, and adventurous Tinkle Toons such as Suppandi, Shambu, and Tantri, or collect the Tinkle stories that you love, this collection is absolutely the way to go! Our digest comics and features will provide not only hours and hours of entertainment for children and adults alike, but also valuable knowledge that will help the reader build their curiosity. Carry these portable comics with ease and enjoy everything that they have to offer: 10 times over!


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