In this collection, you get not one but 24 of these titles. It is the perfect collection for any Tinkle fan, or anyone looking to develop the fruitful hobby of reading.

Get the collection now and dive into everything Tinkle at an affordable price!


24 is about to become your new favourite number!

With this collection, we bring you double the fun and double the learning: 24 times over!

Lots of numbers, right? Well, that goes to show the sheer amount of entertainment, thrill, adventure, and knowledge we have packed for you in this amazing assorted collection!

Every Tinkle Double Digest is a superbly power-packed compilation of some of the best Tinkle stories and features. These double digests are both portable and substantial: the perfect combination for anyone who loves to read comics, whether on the go or in the comfort of their own home!

Each of these double digests is full of pages which will make you laugh and challenge you to exercise your creativity and power to think. Pick up any of these titles to accompany Suppandi to work, enter the hilarious and adventurous world of Shambu’s adventures, and witness Tantri plotting and planning endlessly! Also meet a host of other fun Tinkle Toons who never have a single dull day! Further, learn more about a myriad of things and keep your mind active with a number of interesting activities.


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