Suppandi – The Essential Collection


The Suppandi Essential Collection brings together NINE Suppandi books in one set, so that the antics never stop. These titles have been carefully handpicked by our editorial team, so that you get to enjoy the best of Suppandi over the years. Even the most avid reader might find some hidden gems in this collection. In this box set, you will find Suppandi going treasure hunting, revisiting his childhood (mis)adventures and dabbling in magical arts!

You’ll also find Super Suppandi battling a giant mutant mouse and rescuing Rapunzel… or at least trying to! So, get ready to immerse yourself into countless hours of amusement with India’s favourite simpleton, the one and only Suppandi!This one’s a must-have for all the die-hard Suppandi fans.

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What’s the one name that comes to your mind when you think of funniest Indian cartoon character? That’s right! It’s Suppandi! Suppandi is the adorable fool who has been known to unofficially hold the world record for holding the most number of jobs ever! Suppandi usually listens to his employers’ instructions attentively and applies his own literal logic to them. The result? A complete comedy of errors!

Trace the evolution of Suppandi as he jumps from one job to another over the last four decades. There isn’t a single occupation that Suppandi hasn’t tried yet. Over the years, his job roles might have changed but our beloved Suppandi remains the same. In the series, you will also meet Suppandi’s friends Maddy, Frooty and Soupy. While Suppandi values Maddy and Frooti more than anything, Soupy tends to get on Suppandi’s nerves. Poor Soupy, on the other hand, is madly in love with our three-haired hero, much to his annoyance! All three of them try to correct him as much as they can, but at the end of the day, Suppandi’s logic leaves them baffled as well.


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