Tinkle Listicle
Peek into Penguin World
Writer: Rebekah S J
Illustrator: Shrutika Gorule


  1. Emperor penguins can hold their breath and stay underwater for more than 20 minutes!
  2. An adult gentoo penguin dives for food about 450 times a day in the Antarctic waters!
  3. African penguins, living near southern Africa, work together to herd fish towards them for easy fishing.
  4. The southern rockhopper penguin is the smallest of the crested penguins (a genus of penguins with bright eyebrows) and is about 0.30 metres. This is the length of an average newborn human baby!
  5. Rockhopper penguins, as their name suggests, hop across the rocky cliffs where they reside. They are strong penguins and often get battered by the waves as they hop from the waters to the cliffs.
  6. Emperor penguin fathers balance the laid eggs on their feet and keep them safe and warm with their feathers until the mothers return from fishing after about two months.
  7. Magellanic penguins live in holes they dig in the ground.
  8. Not all penguins live in icy regions. The sandy and grassy Falkands host five species namely the gentoos, the king penguins, the magellanic, the southern rockhopper and the macaroni penguins.
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