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NOISians and NVers Cause Uproar in New Bookshop!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Rajib Das

NILGIRIS: A rather shocking incident has come to light from the calm hills of the Nilgiris. Students from the esteemed boarding schools, NOIS and NV, were seen creating a ruckus in a new bookshop in town.

According to our sources, the students were seen yelling and snatching books from one another. They even pushed and jostled each other, almost coming to blows. While one NOISian was flung straight onto a group of NVers, giving rise to a deafening scuffle, another student was seen climbing up a third student, using him as a ladder. It is alleged that bookshelves were toppled, books were damaged, and the new bookshop had to shut for a few days for fresh renovations! Our correspondent attempted to reach the principals of both schools for comment, but was met with shut doors.

Is this the behaviour that is encouraged in these well-known schools? Are your children safe there? Is this what is taught behind closed doors? To know more about this shocking incident, read the full story in Tinkle 787 Week 1.

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