Ask Suppandi
Dogs, Volcanoes and Water!
Writer: Aparna Sundaresan and Suppandi
Illustrator: Shrutika Gorule


Mehek Uppal from Gurugram, Haryana asks, “Why do dogs lick us?” 
Mehek, long, long ago, when our ancestors lived in caves, they wouldn’t take baths. They reeked like 10-day-old unwashed laundry. When they went hunting, animals could smell them coming and would sprint away to safety. So those early humans began rubbing raw meat on themselves to mask their stink. The smell of the meat neutralized their body odour and our ancestors could sneak up on prey. But dogs found out about this since they lived with humans. They would go up to their human masters and lick them from head to toe to taste the delicious meat juices. Now, modern humans take showers and baths, so we have no need to rub raw meat on ourselves any longer. But dogs haven’t caught on yet. They think we continue our Stone Age practice, so they continue to lick us! 

Atharva L.S. from Bengaluru asks, “What causes volcanic eruptions and earthquakes?” 
I’m going to tell you a secret, Atharva, one that no grown-up in your life is ready to reveal to you. Brace yourself. Are you ready? Okay, here goes. The Earth is not held up by gravity, but by a giant dragon! Yes, you read that right! Our planet rests on the back of a gigantic, sleeping dragon that floats in space. When that dragon turns over, we experience earthquakes. When that dragon snores, it lets out streams of fire, which we see as volcanoes. Now do you understand? Go spread the word among your friends, but don’t let the grown-ups find out that you know this incredible secret! 

Pragyan Baruah from Guwahati, Assam asks, “Why does water not have a fixed shape?” 
Everyone has hobbies, Pragyan, even water. What do you like to do in your spare time? Read? Watch TV? Play games? Well, water’s hobby is… dancing! Water loves to dance. Haven’t you seen gigantic waves in seas and oceans? That’s nothing but water showing off its dance moves! Like many of us, water just can’t sit still. It must always keep moving and swaying. That’s why it doesn’t have a fixed shape. Well, it can’t have a fixed shape because then it won’t be able to dance. 


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