Name Place Animal Thing
The Letter ‘B’
The Tinkle team loves to play 'Name, Place, Animal, Thing'! Today's letter is the letter 'B'!

Bram Stoker is an Irish novelist who wrote Dracula, which was originally titled The Un-Dead. He was a stage manager and assistant to an actor.

Bhutan means Land of the Dragon. By law, at least 60 per cent of the land should be forested. Thimpu the capital city doesn't have a traffic signal, the only other Asian city.

Bull sharks are one of the most dangerous sharks because they swim along shores where people swim. They can store salt in their bodies when they swim in freshwater unlike other sharks.

Small shells with holes in them were used as beads about 75,000 years ago. Beads were also made of human teeth, as found in Turkey. Prehistorically, humans wore beads around their eyelashes too.

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