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Mo to Quit Cooking Forever!
Writer: Staff Reporter

Thane: We’ve just learnt the shocking news that Mo, the youngest Halbe sister, might quit cooking! This stunning update comes to us soon after Mo’s enrolment in a baking class.

Mo is the daughter of Bina Halbe, popular Quickstagram influencer and professional chef. Mo has taken after her mother, often cooking up a storm in the kitchen and creating quirky and delicious dishes. But after signing up for a baking class, Mo feels she may never cook again! Sources tell us that the class, run by the famous Chef Rasoi, hasn’t been kind to Mo at all.

She hasn’t been able to impress the legendary culinary artist with her skills one bit. Could it be because all other students are far better than her? Was Mo never truly a gifted cook? Chef Rasoi might have answers to those questions.

While we do not want to lose a young, budding chef, we sense that there might be more to this story. Watch the whole drama unfold, as well as find out what Chef Rasoi has to say about Mo, in Tinkle 775 W2!

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