Li'l Tinkle Storyteller
Clean Jungle
Contributor: Veydant Bajaj


Once upon a time, there was a jungle ruled by a lion. One day he was passing through the jungle with his minister, the elephant. He walked under a tree on which a monkey was sitting and eating some fruits. Suddenly the monkey threw a half-eaten rotten fruit from the tree without noticing the lion. Unfortunately, the rotten fruit fell on the lion’s face and he got angry

The lion said, “How dare you throw this fruit on me? You have committed a crime and you will be punished for it.”

The monkey fearfully replied, “I am extremely sorry, sir. I didn’t see you. Please forgive me.”

The lion said, “I will not forgive you. You will be punished soon.”

The next day the monkey approached the elephant, trembling with fear, and asked him to save his life. The elephant told him that he will try his best. A few days later again the lion and the elephant were roaming in the forest. After some time, they decided to stop for a while and have lunch. After lunch, the lion gargled and spot some water in a hole on the ground. That hole was a rat’s house. A wet
rat came shouting, “Who has ruined my house?” After he saw the lion, he became silent. The lion ignored him and walked away.

A week passed by. The lion asked the elephant to bring the monkey so that he could be punished. But the elephant bravely said, “Your majesty, first you should punish yourself.” The lion was shocked. He asked why?

The elephant replied, “You also made a similar mistake by spitting water in the rat’s hole. So, the same rule applies to you.”

The lion, having realized his mistake, forgave the monkey and decided to implement dustbins all over the jungle including in his own den.

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