You Be The Detective
Homework Horror
Writer: Devika Soni
Illustrator: Srijan Kanjilal and Shrutika Gorule

It was lunchtime at Fresh Forest School when Orla Owl found her favourite student, Pingu Penguin, crying outside her class. “Ma’am, someone has stolen my English homework,” cried Pingu. “Don’t worry. We will look into it,” said Orla.

She called Koko Kingsher, Hira Heron and Kittu Crow to the classroom. “You three were the last to leave class when the lunch bell rang. Do you know anything about Pingu’s missing homework?” she asked sternly.

“I know one of you is lying. Own up before I have to involve the principal,” Orla said.

Who is lying and how does Orla know?

Hira Heron is lying. They said the class flag was upside down and they fixed it. But the class flag is a square with a plus sign on it. It would be the same upside down as well.
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