Tinkle Headlines
Gran-dalism on the Rise?!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Abhijeet Kini

TINKLE TOWN: Yes, readers! It’s not animals or unruly kids wreaking havoc vandalising the neighbourhood but two 70+ grannies!

This most surprising bit of news comes from our special correspondent who says these villainous grannies were first seen at a recent charity event pretending to be vases and frogs, crawling on their bellies, and hiding behind tables.  The event in question also saw the world-famous chef Mr. B. Bunns in attendance. According to our correspondent, he seemed to be our two ‘gran’-dals’ main target, as they were caught vandalizing Mr. Bunns’ kitchen with the help of two  young boys. In the hullabaloo that ensued, our correspondent barely managed to escape unscathed, and has since retired from journalism. The charity event had to be called off and guests were seen returning home, disappointed that they couldn’t try Mr. Bunns’ famous pies. 

Who are these grannies and their young male sidekicks? Why did they destroy Mr. Bunns’ bakery? Find out in Tinkle 787 Week 3!

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