Tinkle Headlines
Ghosts in the Halbe House?!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Archana Amberkar and Shivani Pednekar


TINKLE TOWN: Shrieks! Screams! Wild exclamations! Strange hooting sounds! All this and more has recently been emanating from the house of Bina and Jaggannath Halbe, where the couple stays with their daughters, Ina, Mina, Mynah, and Mo. The four girls have been known to create all types of chaos at home, but recently this reporter has uncovered something truly ominous. 

Reports of strange cries alerted us to investigate the possibility of ghosts and ghouls inhabiting the Halbe house. The brave Ravi Pillai and Rahul Dias, famously known as the Daring Detectives (who were daringly walking around Tinkle Town, looking for criminals to bust), alerted us. They said, “Ghosts! Aliens! Alien-ghosts! Ghost-aliens! Something is going on in the Halbe house!” Instantly, we were on-site, observing this epicentre of trouble and mischief. Soon enough, shouts of “Help!” and “It’s alive!” were heard, and this reporter even caught a glimpse of one of the sisters, Mina Halbe, whizzing past the window, wearing armour made of pillows and carrying a couple of ladles as weapons.  

What mysterious, monstrous forces are these girls up against? We intend to find out, and we intend to help, as soon as our backup arrives. If you also want to know more, read Tinkle 791 Week 2.

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